Basic POLO driving, let you cope with the season

In the early autumn, “not warm”, dressing has become the most troublesome thing, then a summer classic item – POLO can solve all your troubles. The trend is perishable, the classic is forever, the solid color POLO is safe and practical, and it can be played freely all the year round. It can still shine in the early autumn and let you cope with it during the transition period.

Polo shirts

POLO is not as casual as a T-shirt, nor is it as formal as a shirt; it is casual and formal, and has always enjoyed a high status in men’s wardrobes. How do the men and women in the early fall match their own style and change them at any time? Let’s follow the POLO transition season collocation method with us.

Polo shirts
NO 1: Noble leisure

Speaking of POLO, I have to mention Polo Ralph Lauren, which has been officially popularized as a brand, and has been introduced to the polo world and other sports circles for casual wear.

As early as the Victorian era, the POLO suit (flannel trousers, tennis knit shirt, neat neckline shirt) worn as a noble sport has already set the tone to all white. This tradition has continued until now; of course, playing in the details Some small colors will be more ornamental: canvas shoes and belts are echoed in color, with white woven sweaters, which make the modern atmosphere more prominent, and the high-quality white POLO shirts make the whole body seamless!

Tips: Some people will put the collar of a POLO shirt up, which is definitely a “LOW” performance in a trendy city; but know that before the tennis game, the shirt collar worn by the athlete needs to be smashed so that the collar can stand up. Prevent the sun from burning directly on the neck.

Polo shirts
NO 2: dating male god

Wearing a shirt in a suit this season is still a bit sultry, and a good-looking solid color POLO shirt can solve this problem. And the sweet date of the goddess can be used to match the suit, reduce the discomfort caused by the long-sleeved shirt, and the elegant and energetic image is instantly shaped.

Tips: When pairing suits or sports suits, you must grasp the POLO colors and patterns, the basic models are foolproof; men who like stripes and plaid patterns should try not to choose those styles that are too exaggerated; want to break the dull feeling can be selected in the collar Seeking change.

Polo shirts
NO 3: Modern vacation

The classic blue + beige color scheme gives an elegant impression. The blue POLO shirt will always bring a thick ocean wind. Outside the beige thin cardigan, the color of the POLO is darker than the cardigan. The trousers choose the lightest color tones, and the overall layering is rich. With dark coffee belts and bracelets as the highlights, the leather enhances the overall texture and is the best choice for your holiday.

Tips: When choosing a POLO shirt, it is best to choose the appropriate brand category according to your own body characteristics. If you have strong muscles or large skeleton, you can lock some American brands. These brands of POLO shirts will be more relaxed on the shoulders, chest and waist. If you are thin and weak, and want to increase your sense of sunshine, remember to choose Japanese and Korean brands, these series of POLO shirt shoulder lines will shrink a little, visually will produce shoulder lines to strengthen the effect

Polo shirts
NO 4: Workplace gentle killer

Although the temperature in the transition season is always moody, this is a good time to play and mix and match, and it is the best time to discover your infinite possibilities.

The light pink Slim POLO can bring a feeling of fullness to the workplace. The focus of the workplace is to play with color. In the early autumn, it can continue the colorful Macaron series in summer. With a refreshing beige linen suit, at first glance, it gives the impression of a gentle killer in the workplace; generously open 2 buttons, calmly face the various eyes of female clients and female bosses, and then turn back to the reflective objects, revealing white The tooth gives himself a cheering smile.

Polo shirts
NO 5: Elegant “old boy”

POLO shirts are suitable for men of all ages, suitable for all body types and suitable for all personalityes. Dark blue, navy blue and other cool color POLO shirts give a mature and stable feeling, which is very suitable for the low-key “old boy” wearing a gentleman. Of course, if you have regular fitness, the subtle chest muscles that are slightly bulging on your chest will make you look more accented. POLO shirts usually give you a sense of Swen, but you can also choose to interpret them in other ways. The same color crochet-knit sweater is overlaid, with casual pants and lace-up shoes underneath, which is both comfortable and implied with a few British aristocratic temperament.

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