Best men’s POLO shirt brand.

Polo shirts – they are classic fashion items, but there are many styles, colors and patterns, which designer brand is best for you?


Want a simple, smart look? Fred Perry’s black polo shirt is very comfortable and features ribbed cuffs and a ribbed collar. The plain polo shirt can be paired with black jeans for a more confident style, or with a colorful jacket to avoid color contrast. Because it is a classic piece, this shirt can be used with anything.

men's Polo shirt


With a classic look, you want to stand out from the crowd. Why not try a similar style with a splash of colour? Twin tipped patters are trendy right now and many brands are adopting this design into their designs, including Fred Perry and Versace. Converse All Star is reflecting on a sporty look of the three stripes from baseball. For a casual style, this navy blue shirt with red and white stripes is perfect for a summer’s day out. If you’re aiming for an American, preppy look, match the shirt with a varsity-style jacket.

men's Polo shirt


Looking for a striking design? Printed images on polo shirts are very popular. However, Just Cavalli’s shirt is different as it has an array of multiple images including a bird, skull, star, lion head, and coat of arms. Because of its monochrome colour, it can be matched with black trousers or jeans for a casual event, or even shorts for a smart, summery look.

Make sure that whatever you decide to pair with this shirt, it must be plain – you don’t want the clothing to clash and enforce too much attention on yourself. Why not go for a bolder look? This lion polo shirt with a mirroring image of a lion’s head screams power and plays with the monochrome theme.

men's Polo shirt


Paul and Shark’s polo shirt-style sweatshirt is light and comfortable when you want to stretch and go for a run. Its long sleeves are capped with ribbed cuffs and will remain fixed on your wrists, so you will no longer be annoyed by sliding sleeves. It is also available in black, navy, and white, and can be paired with navy jogging bottoms or shorts.

men's Polo shirt


If you are tired of ill-fitting shirts, Ralph Lauren’s slim fit polo shirt is perfect for you. Its stretchy material makes it comfortable to move in and adds a more structured look to your outfit. Make sure you follow the guidance on the best-fitted shirt for your body shape. Burgundy is trending in all types of fashion and works well with dark coloured clothing and denim.

men's Polo shirt


For a vibrant, summery look, pair this sporty orange and white polo shirt from Lacoste with black shorts or denim jeans. The white block and the white sleeves create the impression of broader shoulders. Again, avoid wearing this shirt with another patterned clothing because it will be too much. Learn about how to match this shirt for the beach and discover your summer’s style.

men's Polo shirt

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  1. When it comes to the number of buttons, there are no rules. Some shirts have more, some less. Most polo shirts will use two or three buttons. However, there are some that use as many as five or as few as none. For a classic look, 2 or 3 buttons are preferable.

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